2018 BenefitsPRO Broker Expo


When we met in Indianapolis last year for the 13th BenefitsPRO Broker Expo, change was in the air. Just a few months after the presidential inauguration, the industry (and the entire nation) was waiting for something big to happen. Specifically, the future of health care reform was very much in doubt, with the GOP fully committed to repealing the Affordable Care Act. As I wrote at the time, “Any modicum of certainty we began to see in the past few years is gone. Almost anything could happen.”

One year later, a lot has happened. Well, sort of.

Despite lots of noise and multiple Republican efforts to fulfill their promise, the ACA remains (say it with me) the law of the land. But while it might be tempting to become complacent after another year of Washington gridlock, as Shandon Fowler of Four8 Insights puts it, “Nothing else—cost, consumerism, competition—has stopped.” Fortunately, another thing that hasn’t stopped is the commitment of many in our industry to make things better.

I’m continually impressed by the creativity, passion and dedication of the benefits professionals I speak with, and one of my favorite things about our annual Expo is the opportunity to meet so many of you in person and hear what you’re doing to change the benefits business. In San Diego, you’ll hear the latest out of Washington and what it means to you, but just as important, the best in our industry will share how they’re transforming the benefits world, from the strategies they use to the technology they implement and even the way they’re paid.

Despite the ongoing chaos and uncertainty, now is not the time for disillusionment or apathy—your clients need you more than ever.